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May we invite you to sponsor orphans in India?
300 children get their daily care, food and schooling at Paramananda Mission.
In safe surroundings former street children receive love, education and an opportunity to live a worthy life. Would you like to be a part of this?

Dear Recipient
Would you consider helping Indian orphans to get out of the slums and streets and to get an education and a worthy life?
We ask you to become a sponsor of these children for a shorter or longer period of time.

We who ask are an average Norwegian couple. One of our good friends is Indian. Swami Paramananda, as he is called, runs among other things a school and an orphanage in the North – Eastern parts of India, approx. 1 hour by train from Calcutta. We want to help him and his associates helping others. This is especially important now since Paramananda unfortunately left us in 1999.
Thus we humbly ask for your support.

We simply ask you to donate a small amount of money to someone who needs it. The money is directly transferred to a specific account and sent to the children at certain intervals.
As everybody else connected with this project we of course do this work without any kind of payment. So far 100% of the collected money ends where it is needed. In the rules of the foundation we have, howewer, concretized the expenditures to a maximum of 5% of the total turnover.This is also one of the reasons why we have a collective sponsorship rather than an individual one. The latter of these two would mean higher expenditures, more administration and the possibility of unequal opportunities for the children.

There are 350 boys attending primary and secondary school and it is this school with its adjoining orphanage we are going to support. In addition Paramananda Mission runs a school for girls in the neighbourhood.
The schools are connected to the state school system.

The pupils are orphans who come from the poorest classes of society. Many of them are literally picked up from the streets. Now they get love, care, protection, food and education.
The children live and learn at Paramananda Mission. The word mission does not mean mission station. If we look up the word in a dictionary we find the correct meaning; task, errand, vocation. To Swami Paramanda, «mission» implied all these.

Everybody in the project works for free. This goes for teachers and personal at the school as well as for manual labourers, gardeners and peasants.
Paramanda Mission is situated at the heart of a green area in the rural district far away from city noise and industrial pollution.

The expenditures of Paramanda Mission are covered by gifts from individuals in India and friends in Norway. We are however the first to organise a sponsorship organization.

Would you like to become a sponsor of these children for a shorter or longer period of time?

Yours sincerely

Hanne Giæver and Harald Harnang

This is how we do it in Norway:

Each person is invited to give 75, 150 or 300 Norwegian kroner each month through a standing order in hers/his bank. Some give a larger amount of money once or twice a year. We of course also welcome additional donations.
She/he gets the certainty that your money comes to someone who needs it, cherishes it and makes the most of it. Besides the donators gets the pleasure of helping others.
We also publish 3-4 newsletters a year informing about Parmananda Mission, the school, the orphanage and the children.
Once a year we will send the donators the internal accounts which show that the money is not lost in administration but spent on the children.
The donators will probably also get the feeling of doing something good for others.

What do the children get?
With this help the children get; food, clothes and personal belongings and an education which includes library services, clothes and equipment for physical education, and various equipment and aids for courses in different branches of studies.

What do we do?
In co-operation with our bank, Narvik Sparebank, we see that 100 % of the money is well taken care of and at certain intervals sent to Paramananda Mission in a safe way.
We are in touch with Paramananda Mission and get information from there. We also have friends and acquaintances in Norway who regularly visit Paramananda Mission and we get pictures and news from them. Based on this information we make the newsletters we send to you.
Furthermore we will be available for further information or request, by phone, letter or e-mail.

Do you want more information?
Send us an e-mail: harald.harnang@gmail.com

See also: http://www.paramanandamissionindia.org/index.html

About us:
Hanne works in the public dentist health system. Harald is dealing with information and marketing in the official Norwegian governmental registry unit, Brønnøysundregistrene.
We are quite ordinary in the sense that we do pretty common things. What is probably the most extreme about us is that we go tramping in the mountains both summer and winter. We also think it is great to help good friends, whether they live in our neighbourhood renovating houses or they run orphanages and schools in India.


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